Monday, September 5, 2011

Challenges yet to come

The little tiny guy sitting in the Anasazi Ruins is my nephew Marcus.  If I haven't cornered you and ranted about him you're gonna get it now.  Marcus came into this world at only 25 weeks gestation.While in the NICU he suffered from NEC (basically his intestines tried to rot inside his body; usually it's fatal) and when he came home from the hospital he had a SIDS episode that if my sister weren't awake and proficient in CPR for he would have died then too.  All that in just 16 mos of life.  Despite the poking with needles, the prodding, the constant visits from various specialists Marcus is happy, stubborn, sweet and a general joy to be around.  He has a smile that will light up the room. 

He also has  Muscular Dystrophy.     With the research right now the prognosis is wheel chair by 12, respirator by 30.  So as you're out and about this weekend if you see a fireman holding a boot please throw in your change.  Every penny counts.  Thanks.