Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy busy busy

I haven't been working on my ACC challenge much the past week and a half due to Hoggar's massive boat project.  Last year he brought home a "free to a good home." 1967 Johnson Surfer (that's a boat for those who don't know what I'm talking about) that had a few engine problems.  In the process of fixing the engine and checking it out he found the floatation foam to be full of water.  When the boat lived in Arizona water in the foam isn't a problem except for the extra weight the boat was carrying.  In Utah, where it freezes in the winter, a cracked hull is the inevitable result of any water trapped in a boat.  So he gutted the boat and waited for spring to start restoring it.

Jump ahead to this past wet cold spring that lasted until June....  We were planning on taking the boat down to Lake Powell for the annual Whole Famdamily Vacation and because the weather wasn't cooperating Hoggar was very behind on getting the new floor for the boat fiberglassed, the new floatation foam put in, the engine(which had been stored at a lovely place called Hansen's Marine.  I highly recommend them.) put back in etc etc etc in time for the trip.  So this past month I've spent more time learning how to fiberglass, play with two part expanding foam, and general boat building that I never planed on learning in my whole life.

FYI the boat did make it down to the lake and even got on the water; with mixed results but here are a few fun pictures of what happens when fiberglass resin goes horribly wrong.

When resin kicks too soon


stuck brushes.
The damn boat at Lake Powell.

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