Monday, September 5, 2011


I've been putting off working on Hoggar's coat for one simple reason.  I really hate sleeves.  I can never get them the right length, the right circumference,  they're too tight in the arm pit, Hoggar's hands won't fit through the opening, WHATEVER!  I repeat I just can't get them right.  Added to that I have to draft a totally wacky pattern that has two main parts and two gussets AND those gussets are no where near the underarm.  Strange. 

With this foreign configuration I pulled out the trusty pattern paper roll and drafted it on that rather than straight on the fabric.  It took about an hour and I had the usual math headache when I was done but the most amazing thing happened as I was sewing it together.  Everything fit together exactly the way is was supposed to.  Easing the sleeve into the arm hole was a breeze.  When Hoggar put it on it fit, well not perfectly, but it was comfortable and not binding around the under arm.  It is totally crazy.

 With the sleeves finished I've completed the drafting process, made a few adjustments and have begun cutting out the wool.  I intend to get that done today and start hand sewing the wool together before work tonight.  Since I'm hand sewing I might be able to (possibly, hopefully, don't curse it) finish this week.

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