Friday, October 5, 2012

Etzio is done!

I've been furiously working for the past month on costumes for AnimeBonzai.

 My kids and nephew decided they wanted to cosplay characters from the video game Assassin's Creed so I had my son get me pictures and still shots from the game to see if I could create these costumes.  My nephew also gave me an Etzio action figure to try to draft a pattern from.  Then a light came out of the interwebs and I found this website Thank goodness!  This lovely young man makes and sells Assassin's Creed costumes and he has also posted patterns and tutorials on his website.
It was a good thing I found the pattern web site because I was starting to get frustrated with my desire to make an historically correct Venetian gentleman's outfit instead of a cosplay costume.  The two don't necessarily mix well.  The following pics are my nephew in his poofy shirt and under tunic for Etzio.  If I could figure out how to rotate the long shots I would but I can't so you'll just have to tilt your head or if you're reading this on FaceBook I'll have the pictures posted on my costume's album.  I know how to turn them right side up there.

detail of sleeve pleating.

bottom of undertunic close up

embroidery detail undertunic

embroidery on undertunic sleeve.

The next batch of pictures are of the overtunic and hood.

embroidery on back of over tunic

I still need to make a cape with leather shoulder pauldrin but that accessory is going to have to wait while I get the Altair and Apprentice costumes put together.  Bonzai is in two weeks and time is short.

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