Monday, October 22, 2012

AnimeBonzai is done

At long last the massive Assassins' Creed costumes are done.  This will mostly be a glut of pictures as I don't have much more to add except to thank Hoggar for making the hidden blade vambraces for the kids.  Hoggar also used the pattern and ideas developed by with various modifications by both of us.

Detail of Altair's hood

Assassin apprentice Tori

 Tori as the apprentice.  The black detail work is 1 7/8" bias tape.  I didn't get the top corners to align properly.  I'm afraid I was in a bit of a hurry and not paying attention.

back of apprentice costume
Front of apprentice

The front detail aligned up a little better but still not as crisp as I'd like it to be.

bottom of apprentice tunic

Hood detail

side of apprentice tunic.

Christopher as Altair.
 Christopher as Altair was a rather plain costume to put together.

Altair hood

A better side view of Altair's hood

Altair; back view

detail of hood and tunic embroidery

When I was working on Altair's costume the sewing machine started giving me grief.  It kept skipping stitches and breaking threads.  Eventually I figured out I had the wrong type of needle for the fabric I was using but I didn't have time to pick out the stitches and redo them so I'm not happy with the machine embroidery detailing.   In general I'd rather had embroider than machine embroider any time.

Etzio complete

Etzio complete closer view

Back view of Etzio all three layers.

Assasins moving out for a photo shoot in the early morning light

My assasins

Cosplay pose

Altair and me
 The kids said they were asked many times to pose for pictures and they had a great time at Bonzai and are already thinking up ideas for next year.


  1. They look fabulous, and you are the coolest mom ever.

  2. Thanks. I'm mostly pleased with how they turned out and very glad it's over. Now on to the next project.