Friday, May 4, 2012

Tuesdays Progress

Tuesday I didn't get as far as I'd have liked.  I slept through my alarm and didn't get up until The Bug got home from school and when I finally got moving my hands were giving me trouble.  I have a couple repetitive stress injuries in my shoulders and upper back that cause carpel tunnel syndrome like symptoms:  numbness, pins and needles, weak grasping ability.  Some days are symptom free and some days I can't hold a glass of water in one had.  Tuesday was a moderate day.  Holding a pen and paint brush were uncomfortable but not impossible.

Tuesdays goal was to get text down and interlace designed and traced into place.  I'm happy to say that despite a late start I managed to get text down and the interlace designed and inked.  I just didn't get it onto the scroll itself. 

Again a few things changed up while working on this.  The angular capitals opening word was just going to be an illuminated initial rather than taking up the whole top row.  I would have filled the top space with something else but UNTO felt it needed to be separate from the rest of the text. 

The interlace design that will go on the right and left sides started out as just a blanket interlace, then I put in a couple blocking lines breaking up the middle a little bit.  I got almost finished with the design when I decide to back track and add the empty space at either end.  Don't ask me why I don't know but there it is and I like it.

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