Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A series of progress postings

I made a comment on FaceBook the other day about how my current project took on a life of it's own.  A couple friends wanted pictures and I pointed out I had barely started, it wasn't ready, blah blah.  They told me to start posting progress pictures. 

Since almost all of my calligraphy/ illumination work is an award being given to some one I can't post pictures until after they have received it.  In this case I'm making the Champion Scroll for our Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition so there isn't a name to put on yet or a surprise to spoil so I'm going to do it.

To begin: Monday morning I decided to check the date of the A&S competition, thinking I had about a week and a half to get this thing done.  Good thing I did double check!  This has to be in Boise on Saturday.  ACK!

  I've been playing around with lay out in my head for almost a month so I wasn't at a total loss as to what to do but what is on paper isn't quite what I was planning on.  The general lay out was to be a gryphon head in each corner resting on some interlace, kinda column like, with a border of knots and text in the middle.

Before I left for work Monday night this is what I had gotten done. 

Firstly the gryphon heads are the one I planned to use, I just thought they were smaller.  Secondly when did the damn dots come into play??!!!  And finally that cool little corner piece.  I saw it in a book and powie it made it's way into the scroll. 

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